Suman Agarwal

The worst thing about dieting is letting go of every food item you like.- Not according to Suman Agarwal! A new age nutritionist, she will show you how to create an exceptionally healthy and balanced diet – out of your regular food items including the ones you love the most.

Her pathbreaking approach towards health and nutrition has earned her more than 15000 followers, a list that includes some of India’s biggest business families and Bollywood celebs. Her clinic, Selfcare, has centers in Mumbai and Kolkata.

She has also won multiple awards and accolades, including Vogue’s ‘Best Nutritionist Award’, ‘Aparajita Award’ in the field of healthcare, and Jaslok Hospital’s ‘Nutritionist who made a difference.- It is also the theme of her acclaimed books like Unjunked and Super Kids.